27 November 2008

Man Who Killed Boy Attacked Woman In Carwash

This in one of the front page headlines in our local rag tonight *sigh* Makes me think I really should have taken up the journalist option all those years ago when I was offered it.

What can I tell you? The weathers rubbish; but you already know that. We have had a huge steaming pile of muck delivered by tractor and trailer which now sits snugly wrapped at the end of our plot. It is a very satisfying sight and will do the soil a power of good this winter. We have eaten the last of our tomatoes and now have to buy them Grrrrr! Still lifting spuds though, and plenty of cabbages and kale and parsnips and sprouts etc to go at. Really like the Scorzonera roots which are delicious. The girls are on a go slow and from a sort of regularish 4 eggs a day it's down to one titchy pullet egg today.

I cycled home and the low winter sun cast a huge shadow on the road in front making me look like a 40 metre long nodding donkey steam engine on a mission. The pistons looked a bit spindly though but then my legs are not what they used to be.

There was something else I was burning to write about but I've just been put out and I can't remember what it was anyway. C'est la vie.


Lucy Corrander said...

Dorset Echo headline for Prince Charles birthday was

'Poundbury man 60 today'

I liked that.


Matron said...

I envy your scorzonera! We used to grow it when I was a child, but my soil is a heavy clay and when I try to grow them they just fork into nothing. Enjoy them!

clodhopper said...

Hi Lucy: The most famous one hereabouts was some years ago now....it read

Morecambe Ladies Open Bowels Tournament

clodhopper said...

Hi Matron: What a shame you can't grow them where you are and I've never seen a shop with sorzonera in, have you?