28 November 2008

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gingernuts

A Very Young Clod
The incomparable Realdoc has suggested, (for rather unconvincing Darwinian reasons), that we gingers are doomed to extinction. Part of the reasoning is that the UV lighting in clubs and discos reflecting off our frekkly faces produces a sort of putrescent green rendering which makes us unshagabble. Science eh...marvellous!

Obviously I'm not going to take this personally; I have, after all, reproduced entirely successfully, thereby passing on the recessive gene to my son, who is not a gingernut (I would still love him if he was...honest). I have done this against the odds too as I am also a fashion incompetent sensible person who wears socks with his sandals.

Personally, I find redheads very attractive. They tend to be lively, fun loving, intelligent people with a lot of passion for life. Or am I just trying to disguise some latent narcisissitic personality traits?

So, addressing any female readers of my witterings. Do you find redhead guys intrinsically unattractive? If so, why? Or, is it a matter of indifference? Or, are you highly attracted to gingernuts and immediately want to cater to their every whim and fancy & desire. If so you can get me on 07798...*coughs*


realdoc said...

I would say no but then doctor Mac of Green Wing was fraise blonde and David Tennant can be a bit gingery and freckley with a following wind and I fancy both of them quite a lot.......so that would be a yes as long as it's DT or Doctor Mac you're talking about but otherwise no.

rockmother said...

My first crush at primary school was on a boy called Rufus and he had red hair. I like red hair. I wouldn't say I am more attracted to blokes with red hair than blokes with un-red hair but I definately don't find them 'intrinsically unattractive'.

clodhopper said...

Oh, there I was growing up thinking we gingers started off on the back foot because women preferred the stereotypical T D & H male. I was a painfully shy young thing though.