09 September 2008

Seriously Cool Kit

I'll say goodbye now just in case when they switch this thing on in the morning a hungry black hole is generated and we all disappear up the backside of Switzerland before we've had our first cup of coffee. Not how I would want it all to end I must say and I think the chances are vanishingly improbable; but just in case, I love you all to bits.

If it doesn't, I hope they find a Higgs boson and lots of other dimensions where lots of gardeners tend lots of allotments all over the multiverse.

It is seriously cool though, running at −271.25 °C normal operating temperature; just a tad lower than yer average English summers day.


Lucy Corrander said...

I think the end of the world doesn't come until later this month (21st?).

If I understand correctly, that's when they send a stream of particles in the opposite direction on the offchance they may collide.

I think they've given us the hype in advance so we have time to say things like 'I like your blog' before our demise. Otherwise, it might all turn out to be a bit of a rush.

On the other hand, it also gives us a few weeks to think "Why am I turning off unnecessary lightbulbs when, at Cerne, they are using enough energy to power up several cities?" . . . and then go back to being all excited about science again in time for 'the real moment'.


clodhopper said...

It'd be slightly cheaper to send two proton cars opposite ways round the M25 till they collide somewhere in Essex at 99.9999998% the speed of a snail. That way we are sure to find out what dark dark matter is in this dark dark and light universe.