05 September 2008

Duck Cuddling Season

The duck cuddling season gets under way up at Clodhoppers.

Behind Matty is the new shed I've built for them in which they cuddle up at night with the eight Sussex Whites; all very cozy. The whole point of building Chikkin Knox is to prevent the devastation of finding all our birds ripped to shreds by Mr Fox (who seems to be still around). It is mostly finished but I think there are a few weak points where a very determined fox may be able to find it's way in. With weather like this though, it's very difficult to finish the job; in fact, it's very difficult to do anything: the place is a quagmire. If todays forecast is right, by the end of the weekend the whole plot will be a river of mud. We gardeners are not happy bunnys right now!

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llewtrah said...

I saw some nice ducks at a city farm in Stepney :) They were like mallards with pompoms stuck to the backs of their heads. Billy referred to them as mutant hybrid ducks.