08 September 2008

Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus

Ben tested positive at the allergy clinic to the house dust mite which is why we spent a good part of the day stripping and damp dusting his room and removing all the books, curtains, carpet, shelves etc etc. Tomorrow some very very nice men will arrive and lay a laminate floor. We will clean out and damp dust all the drawers and the wardrobe and the computer. Every week we will put his bed linen and clothes in the freezer for 24hrs before putting them through a very hot wash. We will have to buy allergenic mattress covers, an air purifier and a vacuum cleaner that actually filters and retains all the crap instead of just blasting it back out of the bag into the air. We will keep his room at -10C summer and winter and play Sibelius at 120db. Now I am just getting silly. SWMBO and I are not the most houseproud people in the world preferring to spend time up at the allotment rather than pratt about dusting stuff. It's an increasing problem though isn't it with more and more children developing this and other sorts of allergies at rates of knots. Why why why? It is very depressing. A single square yard of carpet can contain up to 100,000 mites and I won't even mention how many your mattress can hold. I am going to twat each and every one with my mitey hammer I am. *sigh*


Simon said...

Bummer innit. Us lot get hay fever which I've passed on to my daughter and got from my mum who got it from her dad..at least we can blame our parents.

clodhopper said...

Oh wait....I am one *face - palm*

You're right Simon, it really is a bummer.

Lucy Corrander said...

You can't win.

If you have a perfectly clean house, your children's immune systems don't get the practice they need to function properly.

If you set them a good example by doing things more interesting than dusting, the mites leap out.

This does sound awful for both of you though.

Best wishes