14 July 2008


Now guess who grabbed the first tomato of the year. He did though divide it into three more or less equal portions each of which was declared delicio! Yipee!


llewtrah said...

Yummers! I am living on courgettes, blackcurrants and raspberries at the moment. The toms sulked and refused to thrive.

clodhopper said...

If you come round ours you will find we are living on...er...courgettes, rasberries and blackcurrants. Oh, and potatoes.

Eve said...

I am living on the ends of my garden, beans, tomatoes and peppers, watermelon and cantaloupe. I live on the Gulf Coast of MS USA so my summer garden is just ending up.

My squash and eggplant did not do well. Go figure. The two easiest to grow veggies on the planet. I so wish I had courgettes, (that is zucchini, right?) raspberries and black currants.Oh, and potatoes. LOL..my fav veggie in the world next to yellow squash.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Sights of summer!

No courgettes in the garden here. Due to this, the neighbors are willing to talk to me this year. We do have a vine of 'pattypan' squash. Does that fall into the courgette group too?