07 July 2008


Science fiction is just so fantastic. All you have to do is reverse the polarity of the flow of something or other (in a monolithic crystal matrix of course) and BAM! They, (the baddies), are all toast or scrap metal or whatever it is they're made off - scrap anyway. Go Doctor!

I had severe doubts about Ms Tate as the Doctors sidekick. Seemed a strange idea to use someone who was so well known in another genre and (forgive me) someone so mature as well. I warmed to her though.

Davros is just a memory now - cheers, you old Greek Island you.


llewtrah said...

That's ruined all my nightmares of Davros!

clodhopper said...

I like to imagine Daleks on the allotment doing a spot of weeding :-)

loobyloo said...

Hey mister, send us your email address. I have something non-Doctor Who related to pass on to you.

Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

I've just put up a post about pictures from other people's blogs which have especially stuck in my memory.

Amongst these, I've mentioned two of yours; one of the inside of your greenhouse and the other of your son being the Green Man.

I can't work out how to make links to photos on blogs in situ so I'm wondering if you would mind if I copied them onto my blog - together with a link to yours.

I'd be grateful if you would let me know.


clodhopper said...

Lucy: Thanks for the comment and glad you like the pictures. Please feel free to copy them to yours with a link.

best clod