31 August 2008

Summer Fugit

Blimey! Is it that long? Very little time for blogging as every minute, like every day, is getting shorter and shorter. We have been busy building Chicken Knox which is a fox proof (we hope) run for the tribe which has now increased to 13 hens with the addition of 8 Sussex Whites and 2 beautiful East Indian Black ducks - the most beautiful ducks in the world.

I don't think much of August though: so this one post is all it's getting.


Lucy Corrander said...

But couldn't we see the ducks?

(And chickens?)

Lucy Corrander

clodhopper said...

Lucy: If it stops raining long enough for me to get the camera out, I promise you some pictures!

Lucy Corrander said...


(Love chickens. One of the disadvantages about living in a town is that we don't hear chickens.)