14 May 2008

shoot me!

After a lot of huffing and puffing we have managed to get the big greenhouse to the stage where it is plantable uppable, though much remains to be done. In the left bed are Gigante Liscio toms with lettuce at the front and in the right bed are aubergines, up to the (unfinished) central support, and then sweet peppers interspersed with yet more lettuces. Out the far door you can see the handy workbench on which I fall asleep: fortunately you can clamp it shut so falling off is not a problem. At some points during the reconstruction I considered sectioning myself for taking it on. Now though, I think it was all worth it as having that much space to play with is wonderful. There are some rotten windows to replace and still some rotten base timbers but it will do to be going on with.

You have my permission to shoot me if I take on any more building projects this century.

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Esther Montgomery said...

This is beautiful!