05 May 2008

May Bank

One of the new chicks seems quite at home on Ben's shoulder and while not quite in the same league as a brightly coloured parrot, will do nicely for an aspiring Capt Jack Sparrow. There are four of them but at the moment they are all living in our back garden and the bike shed rather than up at the plot because the fox is still about and has taken another 5 hens and a goose off our neighbours plot. He was mightily upset about the goose as he has had it for twenty years.

Probably there is a pair of them with young to feed; they have even been seen trotting about the plots in the day with a chicken in mouth. There are some traps out; I don't know how many, but Mr Fox seems a bit too wily to get caught in one of those.

Puts you right off foxes I can tell you.


Melanie Rimmer said...

Ben looks great with his parrot^h^h^h^h^h^h chicken. You're probably right about the foxes - but then again if there were no foxes maybe your allotment would be overrun with rabbits?

clodhopper said...

Think I'd settle for the rabbits just now. They killed another 15 chickens yesterday and they seem to be coming in daylight as well. Everyone is getting edgy. Maybe when the cubs have left the nest things will settle down a bit.