12 October 2007

big nips

Look at that monster! And it wasn't at all woody. We experimented with making some parsnip chips and it worked sort of allright but you wouldn't want too many of them and they're better roasted really. We also made a parsnip soup....I like lots of pepper on it me.

"Spiller, call security at once! There is a strange man in our shed."

We have harvested the remaining sweetcorn because of the increased risk of frost damage now. Some have gone in the freezer and the rest have gone in our tummies. SWMBO refuses to believe me when I say a cob is ready to eat after only 3 minutes boiling. Will anyone back me up? How long do you boil yours for?


helena said...

About three minutes too...but it's personal preference I think.
Parsnip soup = one of the foods of the gods (with masses of black pepper)!

MissHathorn said...

I usually make it about 5 when boiling, but they're also good barbequed in the husk for about 10 minutes. They sort of steam in there.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Wow! You are making me want to grow some. We can easily buy local grown corn so I haven't tried to fit it in the garden yet. I do like the 3-5 minutes or so too. However, I agree with Miss H. We often toss them on the grill too, though wrapped in foil, husk & all.

Patrick said...

I'm also a 3 minute corn person.

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