16 July 2007


down by the coldframe in the sqodgy sqodgy ground polyagapanthus has come out to play in an all too brief sunny spell.

damn this stupid stupid rain all the time. The spuds and onions are going to have to come out before they rot. The ground between the shed and one side of the greenhouse traps water and there's been so much off it, the waterlogged tomatoes are suffering and the foliage is looking all yellow and sickly.

....and what we ask is the weather forecast for the rest of the week.....yep....more rain. Gnnn!


Melanie Rimmer said...

I know, I'm sick of it too. Rain rain go away, come again another day (some time in October for example).

Anonymous said...

October 2010 would be good for me...although the frogs in my mums garden are loving the rain...

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean Agapanthus? They look like Agapanthuses to me!
Chris B

clodhopper said...

Ooo yes Chris. I mixed up my poly with my aga! Quite right. Bit of a senior moment there, tch!

Matron said...

If you promise not to tell anyone, Matron "veggies-only" has been trying to grow an agapanthus I brought back from Madeira. Lots of green but no flowers yet. Any hints please?

Anonymous said...

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