04 July 2007


"Beginning In early May we will be holding 24-hour prayer vigils and hourly book burnings outside the Freehold Iowa Multiplex Cinema. Bring your children for this exciting time of healing and cleansing as we witness for Jesus with picket signs and old fashioned bullhorn preaching. God wants us to prevent every unsaved person in Freehold, Iowa from from seeing the new Harry Potter movie, "The Order of the Phoenix." Our pastors already gave the movie a sin-screening and they tell us it is one of the most deceptively wicked pieces of Satanic filth to ever grace their Godly eyes. We expect over 2,000 church members to be on hand to block the theater entrance on the release date. If you feel God is calling you to stand with us and suffer public persecution and humiliation for His namesake, please visit the church secretary to let her know your schedule for the next month. And if the way into your heart is through your tummy, we're proud to announce that the Ladies of Landover will be preparing pot-luck dinners, and Chick-fil-A will be sponsoring the event and providing daily lunches. We hope to see you there!"


Damn.....and there I was, quite looking forward to it *checks schedule for next week*. Double damn....can't go *sobs downheartedly*

Oh....if you do visit the site the pop up quotes are priceless!


Anonymous said...

You can never tell with religious Americans, but surely that site's a pisstake?

clodhopper said...

No, I'm afraid they are all too scarily serious looby!

The Calvinist mentality and fondness for a good book burning is very much alive and kicking in the Baptist and Presbyterian churches and is of a particularly nasty fundamentalist sort over in the Useless of A.

Regrettably, there is even a sizeable and strident Methodist grouping at Ben's school here who will have nothing whatsoever to do with Harry Potter and the mere mention of his name will have them crossing themselves feverishly.

Cathy would like to use some of the music, (which is really rather good), in her music teaching in schools but is often not allowed to because of the complaints that would ensue. Sad isn't it?

Petunia's Gardener said...

I think they got you! I briefly checked out that site in the "oh, now what have "we" gone to" curiousity. I think there is just too many other oddities about it, even for the B & P. I'm sure some are taking that position, but this site is a bit out there! But what do I know. I think my cat is purposely cultivating her own garden.

clodhopper said...

Ooops. looby and pg are right...I didn't look close enough. Tch!

Anonymous said...

Just curious - Have we always been Useless of A, or is that a new opinion since a shitload of us decided to elect, then re-elect a dictator?
I'm not a world travelor, so I don't know these things...
Dubya will be gone soon, but I don't hold out much hope for improvememt-- I live in the bible-belt. Scary place. :)

Anonymous said...

I came across your site while looking for apicture of Hammy from Over the Hedge. I read this article, Incendio. Did you ever decide if that site was real?! Did you read the stuff in the just for kids category? It seems really extreme... but i guess there are extreme people out there that do this so out of our normal thoughts that it throws us through a big loop!

clodhopper said...

Amanda: I think I decided it was a spoof but one not so very far from the truth. There are religious fruitcakes in my son's school who will having nothing to do with Harry Potter as all that witchcraft and wizardry smacks too much of the devil. Wonder what they think of The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe then?