04 July 2007

goings and comings

We all said a tearful farewell to our beloved hammy who died in the night. Ben made him a last nesting box and as he buried him in the back garden he sobbed out 'you were my best friend...and I never told you'. Now there's a lesson we'd all better learn. Thanks hammy.

But say hello to Spiller and Chirpy. We love them to bits already as they rootle about in the garden, constantly chattering to one another.

I think they are hybrids, possibly of Rhody reds and something else. The farmer assures us they are from good laying stock anyway. They live in the bike shed at night and we even built them a little adventure playground in there. It's got this cute little ladder up to their perch....I know, I know....go on, say it.


Petunia's Gardener said...

Ahhh...what a sweetie! I thought my cats had a cushy life. Spiller and Chirpy are two lucky chickens.

So sorry about Hammy though. Hope Ben comes to realize animals just know those important things (but we people don't always pick up on it on our own).

clodhopper said...

They've now taken to perching on my bike handlebars waiting for me to come and let them out in the morning.

It's sad yes, but I think an invaluable lesson for Ben to realize that you have to take care of the things you love today because you just will never know if tomorrow might be too late.