17 May 2007

monday plot

T'was a very busy day with mrs blackbird hopping round our ankles as we planted out the sweetcorn, the sunflowers and the courgettes and pulled up as much horsetail as we could.
There is a chance we might be offered another plot further down on which we could keep chooks. It's wild and knee deep in grass at the moment and there are no chicken runs or hutches on it so they would have to be built. Still, we're very tempted. What slightly worries me is finding people willing to look after them while we go off on our musical jaunts from time to time. The time commitment is somewhat daunting as well. As you can imagine, Ben is hopping up and down with excitement at the idea at the moment. I'm not sure how he'll feel though when one of them gets to be the Sunday roast. Should we? Shouldn't we?


Matron said...

I would leap at the chance of more veggie-growing space. I like the idea of keeping chickens but I fear I would get attached to them and give them all names!

helena said...

We kept chickens for a while (they came with the house we bought). They can be temperamental when it comes to laying and are better at escaping than Houdini. We seemed to spend all our time running around trying to catch them and get them back into their run. Plus, should you get rid of them then the ground the runs been on is not good for growing stuff on for a good couple of years after they've gone. So I wouldn't reccomend it. But then...it is nice to have fresh eggs.

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