14 June 2007

resistance is futile

Here are a few of the second plot. The derelict greenhouse has been given a makeover and fettled with new glass and a couple of coats of wood preserver on the timbers. It's now back in active production with tomatoes and peppers planted. When we got it, it was, like the rest of the plot, buried in the six foot hight growth you can see in the background. In fact, the whole plot was covered in this and the job of clearing is going to take some time but at least we've been let off the plot fee for this year.

The amount of garbage coming off the site is problematic as it is right at the bottom of the plots and thus a long long way (uphill dammit) from the gate. There is a liquorice allsorts of broken glass, twisted metal, asbestos sheet, plastic detritus and what else and the pile gets bigger and bigger as more of the plot gets strimmed back to reveal yet more garbage. We need to get a trailer as far down the plots as we can otherwise it's going to take forever to clear.

We've dug and planted out a couple of beds so there will be a bit of productivity out of the plot this year as well as what we get from the greenhouse of course.

The plot extends beyond the fence to the huts in the background. The big one on the left is a pigeon loft which has been sold and is to be taken away sometime in the next few weeks though I'll believe that when I see it. I reckon it'll more likely be there for three months. We'll see. The back bit is where the chooks will eventually live but I'm not planning to do any work on that until we're rid of the pigeon loft. Anyone got a spare weekend? We'll feed you, honest.


Matron said...

I am thinking of 'The Secret Garden' by Frances Hodgson Burnett.. Have you found any small boys hidden in the undergrowth?

clodhopper said...

No small boys as yet. 1 mice nest, 2 ants nests and I've just unearthed a path built of claughton bricks. It feels like time team!

lilymarlene said...

When I took on my plot it was fondly known as Steptoe's Yard because there was so much rubbish left on it. I piled the lot up, photographed it, and sent the photos by e-mail to the Allotment Secretary at the council. After about a month of badgering they sent a small truck to pick it up.

clodhopper said...

I honestly hadn't thought of that angle Lily. I expect the response would be that they are too cash strapped and that the local allotment committee should use it's existing funds to hire a skip. But I know the council allotment supremo so it might be worth asking. Thanks for the suggestion. The fact that there are asbestos sheets present might make a difference I suppose.

Shane Solanki said...


Sambo poet here again.

yes, i am more than happy to give you a spare weekend!

Anonymous said...

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