24 December 2011

gobble gobble goblins

Happy Christmas Clodhopperers - Herewith your pressie.......

User Manual:
1. Grab 20 mins
2. Pour large glass mulled wine - (mince pie & cream optional)
3. Find comfy chair
4. Plug in headphones
5. Relax
6. Click on pressie:

for optimal enjoyment have large bowl of fruit nearby.

Best wishes for a happy and peaceful year to come....

clod xxx

Goblin Market appeared in 1861 when Christina was 31. She was of a very devout high anglican persuasion and her epic can be read, (if you like), as an allegory of temptation and salvation; but in the unconscious erotic imagery, I hear more the 'baulked desire' of a young womans' love thwarted by the angst of an overworked religious conscience one time too many.

Her life was featured in a recent 'In Our Time' - the podcast is still available if you're minded to discover more about her life.

Sorry about the odd glitch here and there: no time to re-record it now........

13 December 2011