03 October 2009

Purple Patch

We have a shed load of these purple Arran Victory spuds. They make great mash but don't overcook as they tend to fall apart.

Apple Day

We cooked some apples over the bonfire. They were delicious; warm sweet apple juice dribbling down our chins. Yum.

Ben practiced his survival skills; putting up the tent and setting up camp; lighting the fire with his sparker (one of those thingys you see whathisface use on the telly to light his fires in the wilderness); cooking our lunch on the trangia stove (baked beans) and setting up a camp kitchen. He even wanted to spend the night but I whimped out on that one.

En Suite Allotment

I installed en suite facilities for the ducks. For the preservation of modesty perhaps a shower curtain should be next. I don't think shower gel will be necessary. As it's Saturday night I might put in a duckcoteque later so they can strut their stuff to 60's classics. Cleanest, happiest ducks in Lancaster.