05 March 2012

the sky isn't falling

Poor Cardinal O'Brien is foaming at the mouth at the possibility of same sex marriage. His panic and hysteria are approaching epic proportions. One can only hope he carries on, as every spittle flecked utterance of bigotry further exposes him to be the morally bankrupt individual he clearly is, and demonstrates how utterly stupid and content free his arguments are.

The best he can muster up are appeals to authority, appeals to belief, appeals to tradition, appeals to fear, begging the question and a host [sic], of other logical fallacies.

Until he comes up with some actual evidence that could possibly justify the harms entailed in denying the fundamental human right of marriage to a partner of your own choosing, he is only going to continue to make himself a laughing stock.

The thing is, he can't....because there just isn't any - as Judge Walker discovered in the recent challenge to the unconstitutionality of proposition 8 in California.

It's all rather bizarre as civil unions already amount to the same thing as marriage, so O'Brien is just getting hysterical about semantics.

Srsly, calm down, the sky isn't falling.

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