07 March 2012

California..Oh California

California must be a very funny place. The supreme court granted the right for gay couples to marry, then they took it away again. That's very puzzling. What if they had granted freedom to the slaves and then said "ooops no, sorry, got that one wrong....back to the plantations with you." What if, in 1967, they had granted the right for inter-racial couples to marry and then taken it away again 6 months down the line? What if they said "ooops, done it again...big mistake.... dissallowing racial segregation in schools, better recinde that one and allow racial segregation again? Can you imagine? You can't grant freedom and then take it away again without getting into a world of hurt.

We come out of a world where all these things were once the norm, a world where women couldn't vote or own property, where to be gay meant hiding as a criminal, or thrown in gaol, or beaten up, or killed, or shunned by family and society. To live in a world of shame and darkness and misery, to put on an act for family, friends and colleagues, to have to live a lie and a life where, ultimately, those who have loved you are betrayed, not by you, but by the life you've been forced to live.

If we grant this freedom here, as we should, and as all the polls say we want, let us not be stupid enough to take it away again. If we believe in equality, let us tell the religious bigots, very loudly, to please stop playing semantics with peoples lives.

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