14 September 2007

opportunity box

Ben made this nesting box which I tied up in the tree at the bottom of our garden in early spring this year. I wondered why no little family of blue tits had snapped up this des res.

Should I put it higher up the tree or have strong words with the cat, or both?


Petunia's Gardener said...

He just thinks it makes a better kitty perch than a 2 inch branch. Maybe a spiked roof like used to keep the pigeons off window sills, etc. Nice job on the construction, though, Ben!

Anonymous said...

Well its a novel way to insulate a roof, but no-one likes to live in a place which already has a sitting tenant.

benblog said...

Thanks PG....by the way, I'm Ben, Clodhopper's son.

Anonymous said...

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