16 February 2007

Meercat Manners

‘Well me lud, at the time the greenhouse was getting totalled I wuz busy looking for scorpions and consequently saw nufink and noone in that order guv, honest to God, would I lie to you?’
Ben must be desperate for some fresh eggs as he’s taken to hand feeding the chooks through the fence now.

All this paint stripping has aged me somewhat but yesterday we abandoned our scrapers and went up to the plot and built a nice big bonfire and cleared out the shed and sowed some leek seeds in trays in the greenhouse.

At home I sowed two trays of tomato seeds but isn’t it funny that always, when this time of year comes round and you’re looking for suitable window sill space, they’re every one of them chokkablok with rubbish. This is what I removed to find space for my trays of toms:-

1 pot full of chalk
1 basket of miscellaneous pens and pencils
7 cassette tapes
1 camera obscura
1 tin of Zigity cards
1 Dr Who sonic screwdriver
1 pod for Thunderbird 2 filled with snooker balls
4 paint brushes
2 pots of (mostly useless) felt tips
1 A4 pad
2 address books
3 jack plugs
3 pads of post-it notes (yellow)
1 pad post-it notes (white)
1 capo
…….and a variety of other bits and pieces. Is anyone else like this? I think it’s in the genes; we’re all as bad as each other. You don’t want to come round our house. I tell you.


Melanie Rimmer said...

Sounds depressingly familiar.

Rebsie Fairholm said...

Is anyone else like this? Yes. I have things on my windowsill I can no longer even identify.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Out of control over here! No matter, I'm spending time this evening figuring out my seed order. There are still some clothes in the closet & plates in the cabinet, we'll survive without clean ones. We can keep stepping over the stuff on the floor. If you're planting, I should delay no longer on the seed order.

antipodesgirl said...

omg, my seedling trays are sharing the pantry windowsill with my bread machine (which I suppose to be honest could go somewhere else when I am not making bread, but I am afraid that if I move it, something else will take its place and no more fresh bread!!), an almost empty upside down bottle of ecological washing liquid and a tray of paintbrushes 'cos we are doing up the bedroom. But windowsills are such convenient places to stick things when you don't know where to put them. In my kitchen there is a fruit bowl, a dead bouquet of roses that I haven't sorted out yet, a broken cup filled with pens, a mail order catalogue and several bits of junk mail, some recipes, some basil that is sprouting, and my lovely purple hyacinth that I planted about 3 weeks ago :-) It is unfortunate that so many things are much more interesting than...housework.

clodhopper said...

antipodesgirl: now the french really know how to do pantrys don't they.

You made a typo there....it should be....
"It is fortunate that so many things are much more interesting than....housework"

Unknown said...

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