24 February 2007

No Sferatus Here

We planted some elephant garlic as those flat-capped lancashire nosferatu just laugh at the ordinary stuff. Probably take an elephant to crush it too.
The reason crushing garlic is a good idea is because it breaks open the cell membranes allowing the enzyme allinase to start making those lovely anti-clotting compounds allicin and thiosulphinate. Ideally one should leave it to stand for a bit and then eat the crushed garlic raw. Oh come on! Yep, no kidding, cook it for longer than 6 minutes and the enzymes disappear quicker than a (insert preferred collective noun) of vampires in a sun parlour.


Petunia's Gardener said...

Nope, sorry, I'm roasting it. How much do you have to eat raw to have get credit? Just checked. the mystery gourmet garlic is up, but not the elephant garlic.
And the parsnips are putting out pretty, new growth. Poor things were covered up with zucchini last summer. Don't know what this will mean to a harvest?

clodhopper said...

HI PG....start with two cloves a day and work your way up :-(

Have you tried parsnips yet? I think zucchini's will take over the world one day....pity, I'm not even that fond of them.

surly girl said...

a pale of vampires.

do you see what i did there?

mmmmm, garlic.

clodhopper said...

I see what you did....pale is very good....pale is very vampire...very goth, no?

Matron said...

I love garlic, raw or roasted. I have trouble growing it. Whether I plant it in Autumn or Spring they always end up like pathetic looking conkers!

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