26 January 2007

Manor Garden Allotments

While answering a query from Lois about growing achocha I was alerted to the plight of the 100 year old Manor Garden allotments in London which are in danger of being buldozed to make way for a footpath leading into the 2012 olympic games area. Can I urge my readers to visit their site and sign the petition and do whatever else you feel is possible for you to do to help stop such monumental insanity. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Signed, and a letter to the local MP is in planning stage. It's a beautiful place and it would be terrible to see it go.

clodhopper said...

Thanks Looby...I feel a Henry Root type letter coming on to red ken. What are they thinking of?

Misshathorn said...

Hey clodhopper
I've signed the petition already (I don't support any aspect of the olympic hoo-ha), but just want to say I enjoyed your 'Cyberid' post. I still like to be reasonably anonymous myself and so haven't yet joined in the tagging. But I'm with you - I think that the blogoshere is fan-bloody-tastic. But why is it free? Who is storing all this data for us out there in the ethernet and why?

looby said...

In the paper this morning the National Audit Office is complaining that there's no final budget for the Olympics yet. Why not? This has got the makings of another almighty British cock-up.

clodhopper said...

missathorn: Well google own blogger now don't they. I guess it's all part of their strategy to take over the world.

looby: just what I was thinking....see next post...

Anonymous said...

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