15 January 2007

5 Things Then

Ok then.......
1. My real name (in the old Cornish language) means
head or top of a valley. (they were tin miners there
back in the 17th century).

2. I used to work for Marconi Marine and am a black
belt in morse code (honestly) dah de dah de dah.

3. My dad died when I was four as did his brother. I
have been a complete barmpot ever since.

4. When I was little, a wild bird 'adopted' me and
used to sit on my shoulder and follow me everywhere I
went. You can just see him in the picture sitting on
my left. I don't really remember it.

5. Likes: Dogs, Marmalade, Brinjal Pickle, People Who Call A Spade A Spade And Use One, Dr Who, Anything by Joanne Harris, Misfits & Eccentrics, Full Moons, Snow Patrol, The fact that the first word in my dictionary is 'a' and the last word is 'beer' (in a foregn language of course, can't remember which one), Jimi Hendrix, Tin Tin.....etc

Dislikes: Cats, Celebrities, Horseradish sauce Yechhk, The Tweenies, Passive Agressives, Chavs & Bling, Country Music, TV Soaps, Soap, Religion, Margarine, Horsetail, Anything Made Out Of Plastic, Capitalism, America, Spam....etc etc

A Question: Does this tagging meme thingy have to go to allotment bloggers or anyone?


Melanie Rimmer said...

I used to work for Marconi as well, writing software for submarine sonar systems. Except they were bought out by Ferranti, unless it was GEC. Or was it the other way around? It was one of thoe jobs where the comapny changed hands so often you'd turn up in the morning and say "so who are we all working for today?"

Anonymous said...

It was the same on the railways. Every few months the directors would sell everything and trouser a few million each. Nice work if you can get it.

I'm trying to think what language has a word for beer that begins with z. The only thing I can think is that a few yards to the left of me as I sit here in the Sun Hotel (the wonders of wireless) there's a polish beer called Zwyiec (?). I wonder if that just means "lager" or something.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Critters have a way of seeing something in us - whether it is birds, snakes or cats! (ok, with the cats, it might just be the food.) I think the tagging can go to anyone you can catch.
Here's to zymurgy!

Anonymous said...

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