16 June 2006

This Life

What IS this life so full of slog
I have not time to sit and blog?

.....nor even eat vanilla fudge graham
wafer clusters with cashews whatever they


Petunia's Gardener said...

Hey is that a seed packet for them? Well, maybe not.
The parsnips are planted but the cat & mole did some disturbing in the area. (...I may have already told you this.) Two pumpkin seedlings & many beans are up! I check every day for signs of parsnips.

Hope you back in the garden now. My husband developed an allergy after 40 (seriously). We thought he'd been stung by something until it happened again.

clodhopper said...

Hands much much better now thanks after a good mulch with various emmolients and a spell in the deep fat fryer. Actually did some weeding with them today....progress.

Hey, I'd given up on my parsnips but they've now appeared. How long is that?...can't remember, a long time anyway so be very very patient eh.