08 June 2006


...What's this chap doing about at breakfast time (Cinebar moth - Tyria Jacobaeae)? He's supposed to be nocturnal.

Oh dear, that's why he's not camera shy...it seems his night time wanderings in between the sticks of restless beans are over for ever.

What a beauty he was. The black and gold caterpillars of cinebar were used to control ragwort which they love to munch.

Seems to me there are far far fewer butterflys and moths around than there should be for the time of year. Anyone else noticing this?

Some of our plant outs will not yet be deep rooted enough to cope without water in this heat and it looks set to continue into next week by which time I will have hoiked 50 zillion cans of water 30 metres. I should then be ready to take on Arnold Swartzenegg.......er and similar oiks. Who says allotmenteering isn't aerobic?

Moons nice tonight. Hope it's clear when it comes full. There something special about the midsummer full moon neh? Flower Moon, Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon, Hot Moon are other names it goes by.


Petunia's Gardener said...

Hope he lived his days/nights to the fullest and then he gave you a chance to share his magic with all of us.

The moon has done something to the frogs, though. Maybe they just know sping is coming to an end. They have really been loud these last few nights. No coordination in their songs - every frog for himself at this point. Cloudy tonight so that seems to be slowing them down.

clodhopper said...

Yeah....those frogs are up to something alright....they're getting organised. Just wait till the full moon!

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