17 December 2013

Red Pill - Blue Pill

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I can think about years or tens of years, maybe even a few centuries, but after that it's a struggle. Anything much beyond that is really abstract. The same sort of thing is true of space or quantity. Infinities? Out of the question. 

If each letter in the image represents the twinkle of an eye, let's say a million or 10 million years of change, our brains just can't cope with that scale depth...they're not wired to. It's one reason evolution is rejected: it's counter intuitive.

Which begs the question: where are we gonna suddenly get the ability to think long term from? To think and act like we might still be around in a paltry five thousand years or so? I dunno. Strange & upsetting to live in a time where we can see what's coming down the line but can't prevent it.

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