16 June 2013


There's no requirement for human concepts to map onto reality: so they don't, but they do. 

In this sense both atheism and theism are correct. It's like the double slit experiment with light which shows it to be both a particle and a wave. Like Schrödinger's cat paradox, where the cat is neither alive nor dead until someone looks and collapses the wave function.

The atheist and the theist are both creating their own reality by mapping their concepts onto it. It doesn't matter that neither might be the case, the consequences follow whatever you do, so you can make either position real. This makes all Gods true and none of them.

Like Sherlock said..."when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

EDIT: This conceptual world curiously matches our real world. Schrödinger said, of the emerging quantum physics 'I don't like it, and I'm sorry I had anything to do with it,' - despite being one of the clever clogs that helped develop the math describing it. It seemed to be nonsensical and still does. It's mirrored in that the physics that describe the macroscopic and the microscopic refuses to be unified, just as the world views that inhabit the mental worlds of the theist and atheist stubbornly refuse to reconcile. Something has to give as the tension stretches to breaking point. Both arenas need a wraparound to unite them otherwise the polarisation will destroy us, eventually.

Another EDIT:  So, anyway, I don't believe that the universe is a place where for the big stuff you use Newton's laws and for the small stuff you use Quantummy equations (though we do). We are all made of the funny stuff and can be all over the place at the same time, just not so you'd notice. If you twang a string hard and fast enough it looks like it's in two places at once, but the frequency is so fast you only see it existing at two points in the oscillation, because that's all we're capable of seeing. To unite the two worlds needs some further insights into what time and space actually are. It's beginning to feel like we're standing in a forest going 'where the %^&* are all the trees?' Something that simple, like opening our eyes on a different perception.... after which you go 'how did I not see that?'


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