11 June 2010

Toot Toot

At the end of the line at Boot, the engines go onto a turntable and are turned round by hand for the return trip. How clodlet bamboozled his way into the cab and got to drive it is quite beyond me - and probably against every rule in the book. Still, not every boy gets to fulfill the ambition to blow the whistle on a steam train and drive it to boot.
Fair play.


Laurie said...

Fantastic! Tell Clodlet that when I was a boy of 12, I made the acquaintance of an old man (he was probably about 50!) who drove the Newcastle Express to Sydney every day.. I would go the whole way in the cab of the locomotive, a 38-class, and would often drive it. I wonder what the passengers would think if they knew their lives were in the hands of a 12 year-old boy?

(By the way - his name was Mr Parmenter, and the verification word for this post is "parmasts". Spooky, hey?)

clodhopper said...

Wow Laurie, wot an experience. Good on Mr P. Imagine the health and safety palava there would be these days!