05 April 2007


After work I often sink into a semi-comatose state for an hour or so and yesterday it happened to be while GQT was on the radio. When I came to I could've sworn I heard Bob Flowerpower advising us to dibble a hole and put a pilchard in it prior to planting our sunflowers out. I wasn't sure if I had dreamt this or if it was a product of my sick imagination so this morning I had to go to Radio 4's listen again just to check it out. Seems I didn't dream it and the man really meant it. Waste of a pilchard if you ask me.

Talking of pilchard's,

I got a letter back from Clarence House thanking me for "bringing the plight (of Manor Garden Allotments) to Hrh's attention", written doubtless by a minion and more than likely consigned to the trash recycling bin shortly thereafter.

However, I note with great satisfaction that the matter is now going to court in a legal action supported by Friends of the Earth and that the closure date has been postponed until July and hopefully it will be put off forever and ever and ever, amen.


lilymarlene said...

It was sweetcorn, not sunflowers, when I listened!
And I won't be doing it either!!!

Anonymous said...

The aim of the Manor Garden legal action is not to prevent the destruction of the site:

“Since the LDA have, so far, failed to find anywhere to relocate Manor Gardening Society to during the Olympic development, the Society have started Legal Action, supported by Friends of the Earth.”


The support offered by FoE is unlikely to include legal costs.

Anonymous said...

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Caudimordax said...

It worked for the Native Americans...

Oh, it wasn't really a blogpost about gardening...Sorry! As you were.