11 August 2006


Back home now and the plot looks good but since I seem to have lost the camera d'oh I can't put a picture up. We didn't pick out the tomato side shoots enough and the weight of fruit is now pulling some of them over. Everything else seems to be doing OK so there must've been a fair bit of rain over the last fortnight while we we're galavanting in Portugal.

I notice BBC News Magazine are running an allotment article today.

The Festival was completely bonkers as ever with far far too many nights that stretched into mornings and a bunch of folk that really have to be seen to be believed. Instead of running dance workshops next year we are discussing running workshops on cricket and how to make a good cup of tea, both of which the Portuguese, despite being otherwise delightful, are completely clueless about.


Petunia's Gardener said...

Welcome home! How wonderful to have the musical talents, with world tours also! Thanks for pointing me to Snow Patrol some time ago too. I had heard some songs during a plane trip but forgot all about them until your birthday post.

Looking forward to plot updates & pictures, once the camera shows up.

clodhopper said...

Thanks, nice to be back. World Tours? I wish! Actually, I don't wish as the allotment would then be stuffed. Did you get the SP eyes open CD? Good innit? I'm working up a cover version of chasing cars. Alas the camera is doomed....doomed I say.

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